Electric Property Inc. Play E Technologies that make life better!

Our teams of highly focused engineers, developers and support staff are passionate about being forward thinkers.

Our team

A company's core competency is their people. The product reflects the people and culture of the company.


We hire only those people who want to fly! Who know they have no limits and live their life in a beautiful place!


And we let them fly and support their efforts!

Perfect for Your Project

Startup Framework will help you to find an awesome form for your startup project in a short time. It’s easy!

Save Your Time

Use your time for generating new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine.

Money Economy

Startups can save money on design and code and spend it on concept and functionality.


Startup Design Framework contains components and complex blocks which can easily be integrated into almost any design.

High Resolution

We did a 2.5K size high resolution photo that will suit even for a very large web site.

Easy to use

To get started, you select the desired sample and base the entire website on it.

We Listen

Some of life's greatest secrets are whispered. We listen to the market, our customers and our team. There is power in numbers!

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Questions are the lifeblood of any organization. The right questions give life to new and interesting entities.


As a team we storyboard an idea into a concept, a vision and then a beta model.

Change is certain

Keeping up with changes

Our researchers study markets, trends and data. From that analysis we strategize and develop technologies to accompany the rapidly changing e-environment.

Solar power - Clean energy
Curious about the benefits of the free energy source of the sun? So are we! We are passionate researchers and developers of new technologies.
Electric Commerce
Trying to find reliable e-tools for your online business? We Create, monitor and service e-commerce at the software, data and transactional levels, globally.
Looking for data? We maintain content, print media, subscriptions in many formats and categories in a fully supported environment.

Education vs. Pitfalls

Proper planning is essential and through feedback, market research and metrics, EPI is focused on quality of service at every level. This is accomplished by


Data analysis, market awareness allow for swift deployment of technological services.

Bulleted Strategy Revisted

Constant attention to details, market changes and customer needs and swift implementation of current changes.

We create the technologies, you make that technology better.

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